Data Drives Decisions

Our full-stack data science and analytics solutions power Fortune 50 companies, billion dollar financial institutions, marketing campaigns, private equity firms and even American Presidential campaigns. Want to leverage industry-leading tools, but not sure how? Not sure how to make data science and analytics work for you? See how our services and solutions can convert your organization's data into actionable insights.

What We Do

Find out how our team can build customized analytics solutions and bring our robust and diverse industry experiences to your challenge.

Data Engineering

Custom Database Pipelines

One of the biggest organizational challenges is disparate datasets across departments, causing confusion and inefficiencies. We build tailored data engineering solutions to combine, clean, and enhance data quickly and powerfully.

Machine Learning

Powerful, Scalable Analytics

Whether it's training algorithms to predict supply chain, financial decisions, marketing targets or politics, our team is backed by academic and experience-based knowledge in statistical modeling and machine learning.  

Descriptive Analytics

Fast Data Preparation 

Sometimes one of the core challenges, and quickest to solve, is understanding the data that already exists at your organization.  The Red Oak Strategic team builds efficient descriptive analytics to inform your business users.

Source & Build Datasets

Robust External Datasets

Leverage alternative datasets, like extended demographic data, digital and mobile data, national consumer and voter databases, web scraping and others.  Our team builds scalable, custom solutions to deliver alpha, or better target your audience.

Powerful Data Visualizations

Begin Seeing Data Value

Unlocking insights in your data is key for business users:  powerful visualizations help bring them to life.  Building clean, insightful data visualizations and dashboard applications is a key part of our data science pipeline.

Strategic Data Consulting

Data Science Partners

Many of our data scientists not only code, but are also trained and work as strategic consultants.  The Red Oak Strategic team designs, builds, executes, and measures strategic data science pathways for your organization.

Need Help?

Discover the power of Red Oak Strategic: Intelligence Discovery, where our team reviews and analyzes your data, machine learning or engineering challenge, then presents cutting-edge solutions. Chat with us now for a complimentary head start.

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